Eye Treatments

SJ Beauty Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Tint*: 10 min | £10

Lash Tint*: 10 min | £20

Eyebrow Shape and Tint: 15 min | £18

LVL lash lift*: 60min | £50

Individual Eyelash Extensions *: 90min | £60

Infills*: 45min | £30

Russian Volume Lashes*: 2hr 30min | from £95

Russian infills*: 90min | From £50

Patch testing

* Patch testing requirements for eye treatments are 24 hours prior to booking. Please ensure that the eyes are free from mascara or makeup that may interfere with the bonding process. If you wear contact lenses, please ensure that lenses are not worn for 24 hours following patch test/treatment. Eyelash extension treatment procedure consists of two individual eyelash extensions on each eye. LVL and tinting patch tests are samples placed onto the skin.

All therapists at SJ Beauty have the right to refuse the above treatments should any contraindications be present. Full deposit refund will be given.

Aftercare Advice

Eyelash Extention
To prevent your lashes from please follow this aftercare advice to avoid breaking down the bond and to keep your lashes feature length.
Avoid – 24 hour

  • Getting your eyelashes wet.
  • Hot steam from showers, sauna’s, swimming pools or Jacuzzi’s.
  • Excessively brushing your lashes.
  • Using sunbeds.


Do not;

  • Use mechanical or heated curlers on your eyelash extensions.
  • Use oil-based mascara (waterproof).
  • Do not use any mascara on Russian volume lashes.


  • Use oil-free makeup remover.
  • Be gentle with your lashes and avoid rubbing them.
  • Rebook for in-fills at around 2 weeks.


  • Tint or perm your lashes within 72 hours prior to having extensions
    LVL Aftercare.
  • An LVL lash lift is a low maintenance treatment meaning you do not
    need to return to the salon after your treatment. However, we do
    recommend using the Nouveau’s lash and brow conditioning serum at
    home to help nourish and strengthen lashes to keep them looking
  • To keep your lashes looking dark return to the salon after 4 weeks to
    top up your tint.

Aftercare – 24 hours

  • Do not allow water to come into contact with your lashes.
  • For 2 days do not steam your face, use a steam bath, swim or wash
    your face with hot water.
  •  Do not use waterproof mascara.
  • Use oil-free makeup remover.
  • Do not rub your eyes, even when washing your face always pat the
    lashes dry.
  • Ensure lashes are not manipulated into different positions, for
    example when sleeping, cleansing the face applying moisturiser or
  • If you are in any doubt, please contact a therapist at SJ Beauty on how
    best to look after your lashes.