Laser Hair removal

3D Trilogy Ice advanced laser hair removal

Power of 3

3D- Trilogice provides comfortable and effective laser hair removal on all skin types with maximum effect at an affordable price.

3D Trilogy ice combines the proven benefits of 3 wavelengths, achieving maximum results and versatility when compared to single wave lengths, This powerful combination of different penetrations and absorption levels of wavelengths, combined with the speed of delivery, Ensures that you will be receiving one of the safest and most comprehensive hair removal solutions available.

Benefits of the treatment

  • Super fast treatment
  • Precision application
  • virtually painless
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Hair re-growth reduction seen after just one session- however a course if treatments is recommended

**expected side effects include; Erythema, Swelling and Perifollicular oedema.

must complete a consultation which we will provide for you. We also require a patch test before booking in for your first session.

Skin Rejuvenation 

The 3D Trilogyice is a long pulse laser that can also be used to effectively treat pigmentation by targeting the melanin and collagen. The treatment creates a warm sensation within the skin and leaving a slight erythema after treatment. A course of sessions is recommended for best results and improvement of pigmentation. Can be used on most skin types and can be used to treat face, neck, décolleté and hands.