Face and Body

SJ Beauty Face and Body Treatments


Discovery facial: 30min | £30
Short of time? Discover your skin! This facial is the perfect rescue remedy for an irresistibly healthy complexion with rapid results. Our expert therapists will use a combination of massage, essential oils, and a gentle polish to revitalise and smooth the skin leaving it radiant and fresh.

Ultimate Vitamin Glow (Aromaplasty): 75min | £70
The bespoke legendary DECLÉOR Aromaplasty mask suits any skin type. The Aromaplasty is applied warm, causing vasodilatation opening the pores pushing the active ingredients into the skin, as the mask cools down it causing vasoconstriction closing the pores and sealing in these active ingredients to intensively treat
the skin.

Moisture Quench: 75min | £70
This is a super hydrating facial that quenches the thirstiest of skin. It includes a gentle exfoliation to smooth the skin and then a nutrient-rich mask to intensively rehydrate the skin leaving it cashmere soft rediscovering deeply moisturised and plump skin.

Oxygenation pure and Mask: 75min | £70
For instant clarity on a dull devitalised skin. This facial is for an oily problematic skin. DECLÉOR professional cleansers and exfoliators deep cleanse the skin leaving it brightened and oxygenated. An antibacterial and mattifying facial blitzes spots and shine.

Divine Nutrition: 75 min | £70
Cocooning the skin in deliciously nourishing essential oils and active nutrients, this facial comforts, renews and repairs. Perfect for those whose skin feels tight, can be prone to redness and flaky patches. The ideal facial for skin in need of extra nourishment during the harsh winter months. Transforming complexions to radiant and satin smooth.

Harmonie Calm: 75min | £70
Acting like a calming comfort blanket, this blissful treatment relieves stressed angry skin.
Power packed with skin strengthening essential oils and including a skin-perfecting peel off mask, it works immediately for clear, soothed and resilient skin.

Facial Pilates                                                                                                                                             

A pilates class for the face. Which involves an energetic massage with targeted pressure on key dermis-supporting muscles to visibly lift, remodel and re-densify the entire face.

SJ Beauty Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage
Relax, distress and unwind with warm hands and warm oils. This massage can be carried out with light to medium pressure and is aimed to soothe the body and mind. Treatment finale may differ depending on your choice of treatment timing but can always be tailored to suit your own personal preference.

25min | £40
55min | £55
85min | £75

Deep Tissue Massage
This massage is more of a targeted treatment aimed at your aches and pains using trigger points and meridians. We aim to lift, push and stretch each muscle away from the bone relaxing tension and freeing connective tissues. Whilst this treatment can be slightly painful at times, it is 100% beneficial and highly recommended for post-injury and sporty individuals. We Guarantee to leave you feeling on cloud nine with a soothing scalp massage to finish.

25min | £45
55min | £65
85min | £85

Hot Stones Massage
At SJ Beauty this is an ultimate favourite treatment, especially during the colder months. The hot stones have double the benefits of any other massage as the heat enables the muscles and body to relax more quickly allowing pressure deeper with no discomfort. Recommended highly for insomnia sufferers and for people who want incredibly deep relaxation.

25min | £45
55min | £70
85min | £85

Indian Head Massage
Indian head massage is a relaxing holistic treatment that uses acupressure massage on the head, face, neck, and shoulders. It aims to rebalance your body’s energies. In an Indian head massage, you are likely to have oils rubbed into your scalp. You may be asked whether you have dry, greasy, normal hair so that the therapist can use an oil which will most improve your hairs shine and texture.

30min | £35

Mother to be                                                                                                                                                                                          Take the pressure off and relax with this beautifully soothing treatment. This includes a gentle full body massage, tummy mask and a relaxing Decleor facial.

70min | £75

St Tropez Spray Tan
Full Body  | £25
Half Body | £15