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Waxing Lycon

Lycon waxes enjoy a well-deserved reputation as the Crème de la Crème of hair removal waxes around the world, trusted as the wax of choice in top spas and salons in over 57 countries.

Formulated with the finest natural resins, beeswax and sensuous aromatherapy, LYCON delivers superior results, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm like no other. At the same time, LYCON low temperature, super pliable and gentle waxes, provide a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment for extra client comfort, even on the most sensitive skins and intimate areas. At SJ-beauty we use LYCON with confidence and are all qualified at the highest level to achieve completely hair free results for all types of hair growth every time. LYCON enjoys unparalleled recognition and is proven to be 70% less painful than your average wax with many fruity flavours to make you wax treatment enjoyable.

Manicures and Pedicures


Callus Peel


Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish applies like polish and cures in a LED lamp in 30 seconds or 2 minutes in traditional UV lamps. Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling and soaks completely off in only 10 – 15 minutes


Years in development and extensively salon tested; users agree that Gelish PolyGel
delivers strong, flexible, feather-light nails, that is odourless and with no airborne dust. The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and even colour. PolyGel’s formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without the unpleasant monomer odour.

Not an acrylic, not a hard gel, poly gel combines the best of both in a revolutionary all in one system that is undeniably better. LIGHT STRONG SAFE EASY FLAWLESS for your overlays or nail extension.

Bio sculpture

As the original curable gel nail system, Bio Sculpture Gel has been tried, tested and proven. Bio Sculpture Gel is the ONLY nail system with a 5 STAR SAFETY RATING and is 100% Vegan. Bio Sculpture is a non-chip salon treatment that cures to a strong and flexible, glossy finish that strengthens and protects the natural nail with colour that lasts for weeks.


Minx Nails extends fashion to your fingertips – Minx Nails is the hottest trend in nail fashion today. With hundreds of funky designs, the artwork is at your fingertips.


IBX is a Penetrating toughening agent that fuses together the nail’s top layers to improve nail to keep your natural nails strong so that they grow long. This can also help with keeping your gel polish on for longer. It toughens the nail plate by fusing together the upper layers, providing strength and protection.
A full coat is always applied, whether for Gel Polish protection or to grow natural nails, heated and is then cured with led light.

Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash Emporium

Face and Body


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